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My name is Laura. I'm 22 &I am a swimmer and take nutrition seriously. This is my weightloss blog but also just a blog about being healthy. I always follow back, its just from my personal blog which has the url laurakay9210. :) SW:157 CW:157 UGW:125/healthy and happy :)

If someone could please explain to me why I haven’t had any progress in 2 months that would be wonderful..cuz I am so dam frustrated :(

— 1 year ago
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i’ve been eating so bad since i’ve gotten back to school :(

i think its cuz ive been absent from here lately…gota get my shit together.

drinking a ton of water and i think im going to start planning my meals at the start of the day so  maybe i will stay on track better

— 2 years ago with 1 note
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I need your help my lovely followers!!

Ok so I’m going to get a tattoo and I want it to say “walk by faith” which is from the bible and has a lot of meaning for me….my problem is however, I’m not sure whether I should get it in English or in Latin…both would mean a great deal to me but I just can’t decide

What do you think? English or Latin?

— 2 years ago with 2 notes
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So it looks like my body still can’t handle the running :/

Gota do something less stressful on this beat up little body :/

— 2 years ago
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i wish i could do regular workouts like i did before i hurt my back :(

sometimes I really hate that i can’t go all out cuz i’m worried about hurting myself again :/

— 2 years ago
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So I gained 4.5 pounds back since by surgery :/ but since I’ve been able to go back to working out again I’ve been doing a little better.

So todays weigh in I was 133.0, which is going in the right direction so I’m happy about that :)

— 2 years ago
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so the doctor also said i can run on the treadmile again..although i must admit im scared worried ill get hurt again :/

butttttt on a better note, my arms are starting to show more muscles now since ive been doing the wii fit for a while now :)

— 2 years ago
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my mom got me a wii and a wii fit for my birthday :)

now I’ll be able to do more excersies that dont put strain on my back…its been so frustrating not being able to do anything but walk.

— 2 years ago
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